How to use

The universal keyboard cover or keyboard protector is made from very strong & durable material which gives it a long life span. Easy installation (one step only). The installation of the keyboard cover adjustable elastic band is a quick and easy procedure. The protector covers the full keyboard and allows the user the ability to type like there was no cover present. The fit is perfect for every model keyboard on the market.

It’s also a great marketing product, you can have your keyboard cap with your company logo, please ask for details.

Where to use:

Dental offices (cross infection) vet offices, hospitals, laboratories, schools and everywhere where potentially dirty hands touch a keyboard.

All those bacteria

Wherever you work, in a hospital, dental or vet office, factory, laboratory or in a school, there are millions of bacteria and dust particles that cannot be seen. These particles and microorganisms accumulate on surfaces that are often touched, such as keyboards. This can lead to contamination or transmitted infections, or just make the keyboard function poorly. Yet cleaning keyboards is a major hassle: you have to reach in between all the keys, and you can’t reach the key wells beneath them without taking your keyboard apart.

Very helpful

So how do you keep your keyboard clean? Easy: With our keyboard protectors! Just clean the protector, and all the grime is gone. In sterile environments such as labs or medical facilities, just replace the cover. These keyboard protectors are low cost, but highly functional, with simple installation and removal: they’re perfect for any work environment.


Not only is your keyboard sealed off from all the dust, hair, and bacteria that would otherwise get into it, your keyboard is also sealed off from any liquids. No more spilled coffee forcing you to replace a keyboard! The keyboard cover is waterproof, but still thin enough that it doesn’t interfere with normal typing. Also, they’re one-size-fits-all, so you don’t have to go and measure your keyboard or fuss about model numbers.

In short

Our keyboard protectors are designed to protect your keyboard from dust, bacteria and accidental spills, while providing you with maximum typing comfort, unlike other keyboard protectors. We guarantee that you will like our products once you give them a try.

Dealer in your country

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